Saturday, February 4, 2012

Something Positive

     I feel like I need to write something positive.  I would LOVE to write about Pride and Prejudice, but I have something special planned for that book.  Something special. (=^.^=)  Oh, how I love that book!  Anyway... something positive... something positive...  I don't want to write about the Canterbury Tales quite yet.  It will be a few days before I can think of a lovely post about that book.
     Oh who am I kidding?!  I don't think about what I'm going to write on here!  I just let it all come to me right at the moment.  That's how all of my writing is.  Just my thoughts passing through my fingertips.  You should read what I write for WVWrites.  God, I hate that thing.  I hate so much.  Instead of doing my actual assignment-which is to write about something stupid- I write about how much I hate it and how I would destroy it if I could.  Vile thing.  I hope it rots in Hell.
"One of these days Lizzy someone is going to catch your eye and then you'll have to watch your tongue!"  - Jane Bennet, Pride and Prejudice, 2005
     Sorry for that,  it's one of my favorite quotes from the movie which I am watching for the second time today.

Back to writing my story for young writers!


  1. Bit depressed. I never got to see the font that caused such a fuss. I like the new one though! I am on the internet on my phone during the workday so it just displays as times new roman. What is WVWrites?

    Please write about Pride and Prejudice soon, I am def. looking forward to that post.

    1. WVwrites is a school related writing assignment. It tells you what to write about. The last one was the "Definition of Success" and the only way to get a 6 out of 6 is to write 600 words about the definition of success. I chose to write about how much of a failure WVwrites was and told it that it needs to assign more successful assignments. I also told it I hope it steps on a lego.
      I have something special planned for Pride and Prejudice. It'll an extravaganza.