Monday, February 20, 2012


     It's high time I write a post about another Tale but I don't have one as of yet.  I do however have one in me for Disney movies.  I had spent my evening watching Lady and the Tramp and it makes me appreciate my childhood.  Kids now a days are getting crap.  And I mean plan out crap.  It's like they're getting the rejects of my day. I mean seriously, Kick Budowski? What the Hell is that?  Not only are they getting the rejects, they're getting less clever. 
     They're only just now realizing the brilliancy of Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, Dumbo, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Snow White, just to many to name.  Mickey Mouse is all but forgotten.  And the Looney Tunes!  They came out with a show called "The Looney Tunes Show," shit.  That's what it is.  My God, it's terrible.  I can't sit through five minutes of it. 
      My point is, I'm glad I got what I did because as far as I'm concerned there will never be a better generation of television.  We got the old and we got the new.  When the new was still good.  These kids today, they don't even get my generations shows.  To watch the Powerpuff Girls they have to buy a different channel than the cartoons.  Can you say r-i-p-o-f-f?

You won't find a voice like this anymore. <3


  1. I largely agree, and certainly about the voice! Nowadays, it seems screeching is acceptable, though there are still some smoothies out there. Gotta love the old Disneys... such great stuff!

  2. It is so true. A lot of the shows today don't even have plots or require any sort of thinking. So many of the shows for kids on tv just seem to be about being popular/famous and I know this sounds like I am horribly old (though I'm just out of college!) but I feel like it rots their brains and really skews how they view themselves. I know that some older Disney movies aren't perfect, but I'll take Snow White needing a man to save her over Hannah Montana any day.

  3. Don't forget Aladdin! Jasmine was my favorite.