Sunday, February 19, 2012


     I'm making progress in The Canterbury Tales.  It's a slow progress, but at least it's something.  And we all know something is better than nothing.  I've made it to the seventh tale with eighteen more to go! Woo! Not really,  that's a lot of tales to read.  But I'm determined to finish it.  I WILL finish it.  I just need to focus.  Focus.  Focus. Focus.  So much focusing when I have so much more to do.  Like ALL that make-up I have to do.  I have so much make-up work, it's not really effecting my grade that much but it's enough for me to want to do it eventually.  Like before the school year ends.  I also have so many OTHER books to read.  After The Canterbury Tales I have to read:  Arthas by Christie Golden, the Ink Heart trilogy by Cornelia Funke, Death at Pemberly by someone, and so many more.  But I will do it.

My Make-up Work.

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  1. The awesome thing about lists of things that need read is that they're never-ending! I just picked up "Pay me in Flesh" by K. Bennett. Very entertaining short-ish novel about a defense attorney who happens to be a zombie, defending someone who happens to be a vampire for a murder that she, the zombie, committed. Quite fun, really, and love the writing style.