Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Over It.

     Yes, I curse.  Do I do it excessively?  No, not really.  I curse in two posts in a row and all of the sudden I'm being judged for the way I express myself?  Get. Over. It.  I'm not even using the worst words in the book.  Believe me, I could have dropped the f-bomb a million times by now.  Hey, I could have said GD this and GD that, but I didn't.  I could have called so many FICTIONAL CHARACTERS s.o.b.'s, but I didn't.  Why?  Because I thought it wasn't necessary to use that level of language to describe how I feel about the FICTIONAL CHARACTER
     If you have a issue with the way I express MY OPINION about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER get off of here right now.  And another thing, you have so little respect for me that you go to my father instead of me- the only person who controls my language- then I most certainly will not respect you.  You know who are- though I do not know who you are- and frankly, I don't care that you have an issue with my language.  I'm not writing this for you.  I'm writing this because I feel like it, because I wanted a place to express MY opinions.  You DO NOT have to type this address in YOUR URL.  You do not have to read this, you chose to come here and read what I think.  And if I feel like I have to go up a level on the language scale to express how I feel about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER I have every right to do so.
     Now, I could have a conversation with you in person and I would refrain from the language because when you're talking to me you don't really have any choice but the hear the words coming out of my mouth.  But since this is the internet and you have a choice about whether or not you come here, I have every right to type what I am thinking.  This is MY blog, not yours.  Get off your high horse and deal with it.

*Please note that I did not use the "terrible" language because I didn't feel like it was necessary.  I decide when it's necessary to use the words I want.  Deal with it.

** Also, by now you should have realized that if you have innocent children then you should not let them read my blog.  You could read it to them and change the wording around to censor me, but I won't censor myself for you.  Frankly in my opinion, you shouldn't trust the internet to your small impressionable children anyway.

***  I'll apologize to anyone that I offended.  This post went out the people who had a problem with my language and not to my readers as a whole.  If you read this, -and I'll be surprised if anyone actually read this all the way through- and this does not apply to you please shrug it off with a laugh.  Tomorrow it will be back to business as usual. Pinky promise.



    but you're not going to stop writing or anything though, right?

    I think you're hilarious, but also informative, so I would be sad and spend far too much time looking at food recipes on a certain other blog. Then I would start cooking them. Then I would get fat from eating a thousand cookies in one day.

    1. Also, it took me three readings to of the last few posts to figure out what the word in question was.

    2. You comment on here a lot and I have come to find that I like you. No, I'm not going to stop writing. I think the thing that upset me the most is that the words weren't even that vulgar. And also the fact that they went around me and straight to one of my parents. Who by the way, absolutely thought this hilarious when I read it to him. I don't know who complained, but the fact that they tried to take a scenic route instead of going straight to the source shows just how little they think of me.

    3. I'm a habitual evening internet lurker (and by lurker I mean recent college grad not a creeper), and I am glad you find that you like me haha.

      I feel like a lot of people sort of under respect teenagers/young adults/college kids even. I can sort of see going to one of your parents if you were on here posting extremely violent/disturbing stuff, but having an issue with a word you type is better addressed by approaching you, or just finding a new site to read book reviews. I'm pretty sure you are mature enough to be aware of what you write, and I am glad your parent realizes that also.

  2. I like reading the writing of opinionated people. You stated your position clearly and pretty calmly in my opinion. Anyone that would do such a thing should expect such a response. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  3. I can see the steam rising from here...
    You Go Girl!!!!

    Oops, so Jackass is a curse word? Who knew? Haha!!

    ~ PattiLynn

  4. I can't believe how some people act. They come to your page, read your work, for free, and have the "BALLS" to complain about words "THEY" find offensive. Keep going kid I think you are doing great!

    Sorry someone upset you...

  5. I also had to reread posts to figure out the words in question! Don't worry about the critics. I wish more people were direct and spoke what they are really thinking and not play games.

  6. Way to put your foot down, Longstory. :) Don't let the internet butt-munches get to you. They'll always be there, and they'll always be snarky because they don't have the balls or the talent to write their own blog. Keep up the good work!

  7. BRAVO, Longstory! YOUR blog, YOUR words. No one should tell you what to say !
    Did someoen REALLY go to your father? YIKES.

  8. I, too, had to reread your posts to find the 'offensive' language. Then, to have a reader go to your 'rents. REALLY, reader, REALLY? Pay no attention, Longstory, as you point out, it's YOUR blog.

  9. Wow, Longstory, I'm glad I wasn't the one to rat on you.
    That was one good, "Put em in their place" response. Everything you wrote is so spot on, and I hope the wrong doer got an ear/eye full. Good for you.
    I enjoy hearing what you have to say about the books you read.