Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If There is Anything I Recommend.

     I recommend Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor.  It has got to be one of the heart touching books I have ever read.  WARNING: It's a heart breaker in the end, but sooooooo worth it.  The story goes follows the life of twelve year old Addie.  Who is faced with a terrible mother who acts more like a child than a parent which turns the table on young Addie forcing her take on the "Mother Hen" on her tight fit home. You are introduced to an amazing cast of characters just up the street from her own little Hell.
As I've said before:  I hate summarizing so here's a summary for you. Sighted of course.

 We’ve seen this situation before: a parent neglects a child, while the child seeks a wider community to find support. Here that child is 12-year-old Addie, who lives with Mommers in a trailer on a busy street in Schenectady after her adored stepfather and half sisters move upstate. Mommers has lost custody of the “littles” because of neglect, and though she and Addie can laugh together, once Mommers hooks up with Pete, she is not much for good times—though she brings the bad times home. Addie finds solace in occasional visits to her sisters and in her neighbors, especially Soula, ill from her chemotherapy treatments. Connor takes a familiar plot and elevates it with smartly written characters and unexpected moments. Addie starts out being a kid who thinks she has to go along to get along, but as Mommers’ actions become more egregious, her spine stiffens. And though Addie loves her time upstate, she is willing to forgo it when the normality she has there is more painful than positive. This is a meaningful story that will touch many.


I do hope, that whoever you are that you will at least consider reading this book.  It really is worth it, trust me or my name isn't Mo---------- Ahhhh! Almost got me, nope still not revealing my name.

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