Friday, March 30, 2012

Romeo and Juliet: VIDEO!

     Today I felt like a video.  A video about Romeo and Juliet.  Enjoy!

     1.  This is pretty rough, I have no idea how to edit.
     2.  I wouldn't want to edit it or redo it though because I think it's funny just the way it is.
     3.  I say stupid a lot since I'm speaking and not typing so I'm not using the first words that come to mind.
     4.  If you're wondering why I didn't vary my word choices it's because what I am saying in this video are my thoughts at the time of it.  No previous for thought as you can tell by how unprepared I am.
     5.  I'm sorry that this is so long, but it's my first.  I'll make the next one short.


  1. j/k here is the real comment. (My life fell into shambles on Friday and the internet was not used much)

    You're funny, and damn if I haven't had all these thoughts about Romeo and Juliet (I think everyone has, and it isn't really one of Shakespeare's best plays)

    It is long, I would say a length of five minutes or so would have been a better target. You actually have several topics covered, you could probably have made two or three Shakespeare based videos (one to discuss how really dumb and just DUMB the actions in this play are, another to discuss your experience with this play in class (we watched a version in HS where Romeo was really hot and got naked, then we also watched that weird modern version with Leonardo DiCaprio :p) and then another to discuss the plays you liked more (I'd love to see a video on A Midsummer's Night Dream)) (too many parenthesis)

    I think a mask with more feathers is called for at some point.

    1. Haha. Thank you, I wasn't exactly paying attention to the length at the time of recording. Feathers aren't a bad idea...