Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've Been Busy.

     In case you're wondering (and I know you are because I'm just that interesting) why I've been quiet for the past few days it's because I have been rather busy.

1. I had a track meet Friday, so I was pretty busy all Friday evening helping at the start/finish line and running.  Well not really running.  I only run two events and one of them got canceled because of all the rain.  I hate rain.  So so much.  And so I only ran one race, which happened to be the very last one.  but hey!  We got second in the 4x4! (Which is the race I ran with three other teammates)  The boys and girls team also got FIRST OVER ALL!!!

2.  I went a friends house on Saturday and I didn't bring my laptop.

3.  I went to see The Lorax and spent eighty-one dollars at the bookstore. :3  I love the bookstore.  I swear, if they hadn't replaced the coffee place with a yogurt place I could live there.  The eighty-one dollars I spent isn't as bad as the one hundred and fifty I spent once before that. Be proud of me, I restrained myself.


  1. I have little restraint at bookstores, fabric stores and yarn stores, so anyone that has even a modicum of restraint gets high praise from me.... Bravo Zulu you did did just great!

  2. Bookstores are among my favorite places. I had one of the most transformative and spiritual moments of my life in a bookstore years ago. It is sad to me that bookstores are struggling, and the ones that remain have given over a lot of space to non-book items. I like paper weights, beautiful journals, and cute stationery as much as the next gal, but when they start moving the books out to make room for a thousand square feet of kids toys, I start to wonder where we are headed. Just this month I twice went to a local bookstore to try and buy books I wanted, and they didn't have them. And these weren't exotic titles, either. The whole Internet-killing-off-local-retail thing is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy I think.