Wednesday, March 14, 2012


   I would like to thank everyone who read and replied to my last post.  I appreciate the advise, thank you!

     Now on to the wonderful wonderful news I have!

     Sharon Lathan, the author of the Darcy Saga has made me the happiest girl ALIVE.  She sent me nine-NINE-autographed items.  Two autographed bookmarks and SEVEN signed bookplates.  SO HAPPY. She also sent two business like cards and two Darcy Saga bookmarks.  SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY.

     Rachel Caine, the author of the Morganville Vampires Series has also sent me a signed bookplate and a Ghost Town bookmark.

     You have absolutely no idea how happy I was when I got them in the mail.  These are two of my FAVORITE authors and I'm just so happy that they give their reader's who don't have the opportunity to go see them in person to receive signed items through the mail.  I LOVE getting mail.

     Curious as to how you can receive similar items?  Check out these sites to learn more:

Please note that I'm not sure if the Rachel Caine site is still doing the signed bookmarks.  You'll have to look around a bit in order to find it I believe.
I'm fairly certain that Sharon Lathan is still doing the via mail signing.


  1. Awesome, Longstory! I've never had the chance to meet any of my favorite authors. I think I'd like to meet Piers Anthony the most. He's got the best sense of humor!

  2. That is the longest post ever. I only read half of it (pressed for time tonight. Bf is saying I need to clean. *sigh*) Will read the rest tomorrow and do some more thought out comment at that point.

  3. I have been traveling, so had limited time on the net.... sounds like you have had a terrific surprise! Getting stuff from fav authors is exciting... I may have to try myself!

  4. SCORE! Nice when you find authors willing to acknowledge fans and encourage young writers. Sometimes goodies in the mail are all you need to make a day shine!