Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My English Class.

   In my English class my teacher is preparing us for the God awful Writing Assessment- part of the big state test.  That means that we have to write A LOT of 5x5 essay's and not only in English class.  They assign you a prompt, which is usually stupid, and you have to write a five paragraph and five sentences in each.
      I won't do it.  Write about the school dress code you say?  Describe an animal you say?  Write about your best friend you say?  Write about nanananananananananana you say?  NO.  And then we're suppose to make those charts that "help" organize your essay because apparently EVERYONE does it.  It apparently IS SO HELPFUL that I can't even understand the amount of help it's providing.
     WRONG.  I won't do it.  If I have to write a 5x5 I'll write about whatever I damn well please.  I'm the one writing it, not you.  The Writing Assessment already has idiot prompts, I don't need to write anymore that I have to.  The charts, we don't even are allowed to use a chart while taking it.  I can't even do the blasted chart to describe an animal.  So, I just use the chart to point out the faults of the chart and then I write an essay about whatever I feel like it.  Today I was suppose to write one about motivation, I wrote about some guy who's going to die instead.  Cheery right? 

    For the love of Cheeses, please let this be over with soon.


  1. Don't worry, Cheeses will let it all be over soon. When it is, then you won't have to worry about it for another year. Fun and excitement for all, right?

  2. Ahhhhhhhh yes. The wonder of standardized testing. Because that's working out SO WELL across the country.

  3. In the dark ages, kids could write what they wanted. Teachers would read the writing. They would grade the writing. If you liked to write, you were encouraged. If you didn't like to write, well at least you could express an opinion on a topic of your choice. You and your classmates are now placed in tiny chutes and told to run. In a given direction. For a given amount of time. So you and your classmates can be compared to one another. Lord help us if one of you finds his or her own way out of the chute and stumbles onto something interesting. Can't have that, now!

  4. I will admit I disdained outlines throughout hs and refused to do them and messed them up intentionally. Then I went to college and discovered that outlines are actually very useful. When you have a indepth topic you have picked out. With a real argument you are presenting. VIVA LA OUTLINE