Sunday, March 18, 2012

IT by Stephen King.

     Have you ever read a Stephen King novel?  Pretty scary.  I actually couldn't finish IT because it freaked me out so much.  You see, I've seen the movie.  The  movie is actually why I greatly, deeply, and irrevocably don't like being near a clown.  Or street drains.  I hate street drains.  When I was little I used to go on walks with my Grandmother.  She lived in a really nice neighborhood with sidewalks (sidewalks aren't common where I live) and street drains just like the ones in the movie.  I always made sure I walked above the street drain and never in the road in front of it.  I can just imagine the vile fanged clowns voice calling my name... *shuddershudder*


  1. I have read and enjoyed all the Stephen King books. The published stories are harder to keep up with since he is in a variety of magazines, eBooks, and online. He is everywhere. The stories are great though. I actually don't like the movies too much. I haven't seen It though, mostly because it is such a freaky story!

  2. I have a rule with movies... they have to be the type that makes me feel better after I have seen them than I felt before. I am not as strict with books, but that's because I can simply lay the book down and never pick it up if I start to dislike it. Movies are too fast paced. By the time you walk out, those images are in your head forever!

  3. I picked up It on a dark, stormy night when I was babysitting. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind the rest of the night until the adults got back home. I think I was about 16. I've read just about everything else he's written since then (my favorite is The Stand), but It still scares me.