Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Willow by Julia Hoban

     I do not believe I have yet to review a book that tells a story that represents this up and coming generation of adults.  Willow by Julia Hoban tells such a story and it is heart wrenching.

     Willow Randall is barely the appropriate age to drive when she and her parents go out to eat one fateful night.  Her parents while at the restaurant had a little to much to drink and ended up having the barely licensed teenager drive them all home.  Willow lost control of the vehicle- costing both of her parents their lives.
     This dreadful loss forces young Willow to move in with her older brother leaving her with a guilty conscience.  The weight on her shoulders from the feeling of responsibly for her parents death and unwanted burden of her brothers family pushed her over the edge of depression.  Willow self harms to help herself breathe and get through the day.
     When a random stranger she's her razor hiding in her backpack he's insistent on helping.  Guy is the typical boy next door with his good looks and considerate attitude.  He's just the man for the job.  He doesn't push her, he listens without ever making her talk, he's there and ready to catch her when she falls.
     This is a story of how one act of kindness can change the life of someone who really needs it.  This is a story of the current generation.


  1. The cover of that book looks terribly depressing. I like the message though, if we all took time to care and pay attention to people around us, even without knowing them- who knows what the world would be.

    I have to admit. I was expecting a review of "Black Beauty" or "Misty of Chincoteague" haha.

    1. Ha. Yeah, I have a pretty big variety of books on my shelf and this is the one I felt like picking up today.

  2. Hmmm... This appears to be very interesting. Perhaps I should look into this book.