Friday, April 6, 2012

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

     I've read two Nicholas Sparks books in my life and I must say, I see a pattern.  A heart breaking pattern.  When he writes a books, I think the one thought in his mind is just how many people can I make cry reading this one?  Because you cry, oh you cry, and if you don't you're heartless.  


  1. I love/hate Nicholas Sparks, I love reading his books, but cry so hard when they are done...

  2. I have a policy to read and see movies that make me feel better when I finish than when I begin... they are getting harder to find. I do make exceptions, but really, I read the heavy stuff alot when I was younger (I am older than dirt according to my children) and now, really want to read things that are uplifting. I have read three of his books though, and they are certainly tearjerkers. Really good, but tearjerkers.