Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dracula by Bram Stoker

     I thought about reviewing the Bible at first but I realized that could cause a whole lot of problems.  So I didn't, and I should probably read the whole thing first. 
     Anyway, onto Dracula!  Have you ever read Dracula?  You should, it is rather enjoyable actually.  Written in letter format like Daddy-Long-Legs, it tells the adventure of Johnathon Harker as he goes to stay at a mysterious old castle in Transylvania with the oddly absent during daylight hours Count.
     I like Harker, I do, but my favorite character has to be Quincy Morris and it's not just because he's American and a Texan... okay, that's probably the only reason he's my favorite.  Hush, just imagine his accent.
    If you don't like adventure stories then read it for the love story inside of the adventure.  Harker has a sweetheart back home in England by the name of Mina Murray.  Now, I don't particularly like Mina, I think she's an idiot, but she is rather important to the plot.  She resembles Dracula's long lost love, he's after her, blah blah blah, and all that jazz.
     And if you don't like adventure or love stories then you could read it for the myth involved in it.  Or for the vampire.  Dracula is the perfect example of what a vampire should be.  He doesn't sparkle, he doesn't go out during the daylight, doesn't like holy items or garlic, he's a REAL vampire.


  1. I enjoy Dracula, and it was one of my mom's favorite books, so I am glad to see you review it. Complete agreement with Dracula being a good portrayal of a what a vampire should be. Though I will say I liked Lestat a lot from Anne Rice's vampire novels too.

    1. I tried to read Interview With A Vampire and I just got so angry I threw the book against the wall and never picked it up again. I do agree, Anne Rice does have a good portrayal of a vampire.

    2. It made you that angry? Why? I can't really remember how I reacted to it because it's been years and years since I read it.

    3. It's all because that one guy kept going back to Almond and Almond was obviously not good for him!