Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Beginning.

I'm not sure if anyone will actually read this, but I'm going to do it anyway.

 My goal here is as follows:

a. I'd like to write what I think about books that I am reading or have read. Exciting right?
b. Not all of my post will be about books because sometimes, I just like to blow off some steam.
c. I'm slightly violent, so if- more like when- I talk about a character that bothers me it's very likely that I will threaten said characters imaginary life.

May you all enjoy the show.


  1. I enjoy reading your story reviews, I confess I followed a little chicken here, but I will definitely be stopping by when looking for a new book to read

  2. Congratulations on your blog!

    I enjoyed your posts---as an avid reader (in fact, I read for a living---I'm a freelance editor), I appreciate hearing about books from the perspective of someone at a different stage in life.

    Different stages aside, we have some similar tastes! I too love PRIDE & PREJUDICE. Though I have little use for any of the spin-offs at all (I want to yell at the authors, "Um, what made P&P great wasn't just the presence of those characters, you know. It was Jane Austen's writing. Just because you love Jane Austen doesn't mean you can WRITE like her.")

    I also loved THE CANTERBURY TALES. In fact, ever since reading them (at about your age for the first time), I've had a bit of a fantasy about walking from London to Canterbury myself, staying at little inns along the way and passing time by telling tales.

    And you've already accomplished your goal, because based on your recommendation I'm going to read DEAR ENEMY. I read DADDY LONG LEGS in my (now distant) twenties and enjoyed it, but didn't ever think to look up other titles by Jean Webster. In fact, I think I'll go see if I can get it for my Kindle RIGHT NOW.

    Best of luck,

    P.S. Here's a secret: while I read a certain farm life blog by a relative of yours daily, I have never commented on it. It's all great fun to read about goats and cheesemaking (and raising teenagers), but what I LOVE to TALK ABOUT most is BOOKS.

  3. looking forward to reading book reviews always. and from a teenager's prospective. I'm along for the ride and know it will be enjoyable. I probably missed some of the books you will be reading and have through the years gone back and picked out some of those to read. Glad I did.

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  4. I love to read and am always looking for book recommendations. I too love Pride and Prejudice spin offs. Can't wait to see what you recommend!!

    (I didn't mean to hit reply to Carol. Sorry :) )